Friday, November 19, 2010

For Keith and Kory: the pony post

Someone keeps dropping hints about the slowness with which I've been approaching the following post. I won't name names. Finally, I give you...the Auckland Mustang Owners Club show.

A couple of years ago, Dennis got a Harley and out of sheer guilt, I'm sure, he then tracked down something I've been wanting since I was a teenager in Florida. A black 5-speed Mustang GT. NOT a convertible as those are for girls. It does have very snazzy 20" rims. So appropriate for a 40 year old mom from the suburbs, right?

I hadn't seen but one Mustang in all the time we've been here until a couple weeks ago when Dennis heard a radio commercial for a big Mustang show down in Manukau City and we just had to go. It was very fun to see and hear so many gorgeous Ponies and also to see how much love they were showing to America. All sorts of red, white, and blue everywhere mixed in with the Maori names of the various NZ Mustang clubs. Worlds colliding, very strange!

Really weird to see the steering wheel on the right side in a car that looked identical to mine otherwise!

A few of the old ones had engines made at the Ford engine plant in Brook Park in Cleveland. Sweet!

I was sooo sure that Dennis had planted this one there for me, but he kept walking past it and it's not here in the driveway. I'm still waiting. He's just trying be all stealthy and throw me off the trail.

Happy now, Keith? :o) You guys would've enjoyed it -- beautiful old, kinda old, and new Mustangs. Some totally tricked out Shelbys. Good stuff...

I'll let y'all know when that gorgeous old GT-K shows up here. I'm pretty sure it'll be soon...
Cheers everyone!


  1. I love the cowboy hat with the red, white and blue band and the sddleup plate!! Very funny and weird at the same time. Did that one show up at the house there? ;) Glad you're still finding fun stuff to do:) Enjoy!

  2. Has it shown up ? I'm thinking it comes with a driver! The guy in the red sweater perhaps?

  3. That's a woman in the red sweater!!! I'd rather drive it myself anyway :O)