Saturday, November 20, 2010

Herne Bay

Hello everyone. Hope you're all enjoying your football teams and Thanksgiving prep. Over here in who-knows-where we have a rare weekend with not a whole lot going on. We did say a reluctant goodbye to some lovely new friends on Friday night -- Anette and Jens and their kids, who are moving back to Denmark after a year in New Zealand. Their kids are the same ages as ours and we've really enjoyed getting to know them. Everyone's pretty bummed to see them go, but we all know what we're signing up for in these situations. So now we have friends to visit in Denmark and also friends who we hope will visit us in Ohio. As of tomorrow, the 22nd, we have only two months left ourselves and we're trying not to think about that just now.

But the reason for my post this morning is that we finally were able to wander over past downtown into Ponsonby and Herne Bay, two areas that are known for their great restaurants and fun neighborhood vibes. Walked all around and decided on the Trendy Indian restaurant. Goofy name, fantastic food! Yum. Love those pappadoms.  Couldn't you eat them for hours and hours?

There were lots of people in and out for take-away all up and down the street and guests arriving at the Elbow Room for a birthday party. Sights and sounds galore on a slow summer evening. Some sweet puppies, a small hidden beach and boat shed. A good night.

Cheers, everyone! Thanks for checking in. Enjoy your weekend and be well. Xo, K.

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  1. wow... that's so weird..I remember saying "can you believe you've been there a month already?"

    sorry, you can't come home until you find a "G" or a "g"!