Thursday, November 11, 2010

Master Scone Maker

Just had to share with you all that my son has fully acclimated to living in a Commonwealth country, and after only 3 months is a ... Master Scone Maker. From the Churchill Park School newsletter:

Last Thursday 4th November, the Yr 7/8s participated in the ‘CPS Master Scone Maker’ competition. The previous week, we had also made scones but everyone had used the same recipe. For the competition, in our cooking groups, we had to provide all the ingredients and use a different recipe of our choice. Our scones were judged on texture, colour and taste.
There was a lot of variety from all three classes, with different ingredients used such as passionfruit, Coke, V, cheese, lemonade, brown sugar and cinnamon. The presentation was outstanding with creative ideas such as strawberries inside the scone as well as for decoration on the plates.

We would like to thank our judges: Mrs Chatfield, Mr Webster and Mrs O’Brien and of course our Technology teacher, Mrs Shipton!
The winners were: 
Room 1: Alyssa B, Thomas C, Thomas S and Lewis G 
Room 2: Joshua R, Matilda P, Trey M, Jessica Y and Marcus F 
Room 3: Caitlin D, Will H, Bethan S and Daniel C

I believe that Trey's team's is the center one as his job was lemon glaze and that looks like a lemon glaze to me. Hail to the Master Scone Makers! Who ever would've guessed? :o) 

Hope you all have a great weekend and we'll talk to you next week. The kids and I are going to Sydney until Monday. Everyone be well... xo, K.


  1. Pretty neat! What is V? It is listed after Coke in the ingredients list.

  2. Make sure he gets into Home Ec. when you get back!

  3. Very impressive, Trey!! Has he made any at "home"? My sister and I developed a taste for them in London, but they have to be done right, otherwise they're too heavy. Lemon glaze sounds very good!

  4. V is an energy drink. The kids are obsessed w/ them! He hasn't made any scones here, but he's good with cookies and cakes :o)