Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photo field trip to the transmission switching station

Kia Ora, friends! How's tricks? Get your junior engineer hats on, because today we're going to talk a little bit about electricity and the reason that we are in New Zealand. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of donning a one-piece men's safety suit and some size 10 steel reinforced black shoes and entering Transpower's newest transmission switching station a half hour south of Auckland beside the Southern Motorway.

The company that Dennis works for in the States makes and sells power utility products and the company that they just purchased here in NZ designs and builds connector systems that are used in substations and switching stations. Transpower's new facility is full of engineering marvels and lots of new ideas that are attracting attention in the industry and Dennis asked if I could join him and Cam, the business development guy, for a tour so I could get some photos of their products.

We met the project engineer and went through the security and signed some stuff saying we wouldn't climb on the 220,000 volt lines, and in we went. It was a little creepy being surrounded by all of that deadly electricity as it pulsed its way through the country, but really interesting and cool to see first-hand a small part of what my husband deals with every day.


  1. I know you only agreed to wear that outfit because it is orange and blue! Go NOLES, anyhow. BTW interesting story and pics.
    love, Trene

  2. Nope! It was all about the stylish hat and eyewear!

  3. So the company that is family run is the one that makes the parts, right? Strange, one never thinks about the equipment to generate and distribute our electricity, at least I never have. Interesting. Nifty tour, I bet you'll be hard pressed to find anyone else who has had such a tour in NZ!

  4. Electropar makes some of the parts -- the connectors. It really was interesting! No one thinks about how they get electricity do they? But thankfully someone is making sure that it gets to us