Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To the east through the west

Because of some flight logistics, we had a couple of days to spend in Sydney after we left Auckland, which was rather nice actually because first of all it's a gorgeous, sparkling city and also, we needed some time in between our life as New Zealand explorers and dark, cold winter we were about to return to in Cleveland. None of us were particularly thrilled to leave, so I thought that a stop or two to transition back to regular life might be helpful. Our first stop was Sydney, and then we added a few days in the Los Angeles area, too, to see some of both sides of our families and some dear friends, as well.

Let me just suggest here that if you ever have the opportunity to get out of whatever wintery place you live (if that applies) and head to Australia in January, don't even think, just say yes, please!

These white birds (cockatoos? or something?) travel in big flocks, molesting tourists. I think some are pickpockets.

This cool model of the city is on display in the lobby of the Customs House downtown by Circular Quay.

Boats, water, anyone? How cool would it be to have this as your driveway!!?

That last shot is a ship from the Australian navy. I thought it was rather humorous that the military puts those very sinister kangaroos on everything. The first time that I took the kids to Sydney, there were New Zealand ships there, too, and they have Kiwi birds on them.

Took a ferry over to Manly Beach. Quite crowded on a Sunday, but we walked all around and saw the beautiful beaches and had a nice meal somewhere.

The kids each put together a small piece of a big Lego mural that was being installed at the Sydney Aquarium.

And other miscellaneous pretty stuff...

And just after this walk, where Laurel found her future car marked just for her, we left for the airport and a long journey back to the U.S.

Cheers, mates!


  1. Barbie seems to dress better in Australia then here-? Very nice pics!

  2. Another delightful visual feast. How lovely it is to see some of your homeland friends too. Sydney is a fun city and most attractively laid out especially downtown. That magnificent bridge is iconic as is the breath taking architecture of the Opera House. I can't wait until I'm house sitting. Imagine my views from 'my' bedroom and lounge/kitchen. I'm so pleased you got to have a taste of our friendly rival especially with regard to sporting events! Elizabeth-Esther