Monday, August 15, 2011

Our last trip on the left side of the road

Wow, I really do not want to write about this. It's completely irrational, I know. I'm sitting here right this moment in Cleveland, so obviously we did eventually leave New Zealand. Yet I don't want to officially see it here on the blog.

(Though this is the last of the posts from NZ, our trip didn't end here and I'm going to include a few more posts from Sydney and then our return to the states, where we spent some time with family and friends before making our way east to Ohio. Just to give it all a proper wrap-up.)

On Saturday, 22 January 2011, we piled up the remnants of our temporary household and left them for Tony and Grant to sort out, packed our belongings into Tony's station wagon (which must've had a Harry Potter extendable charm on it to fit everything!), and followed our two friends to the Auckland airport.

This was what was left of us at 679 Riddell Road after six months. If you ever have to move somewhere just for a while, I can give you a definitive list of exactly what is needed to maintain some semblance of your life. Do you love our gorgeous duvet covers?? :o)

I wonder how the current residents fared with the almost-snow that hit Auckland (really a big deal there) yesterday. I believe they were coming in from Las Vegas, so I'm sure they were less than happy with the unheated, drafty house on the cliff :o)

Trey and I took one last look at our gorgeous view from the bedrooms upstairs.

Including, of course, the one wall decoration we had -- a Christmas greeting from dear Samantha back home in Ohio.

Trey and Laurel both kissed the walls (for luck?) and we were off.

(Disclaimer: these were all taken with my little point and shoot. Duh! Obviously!)

Above are Tony (red shirt) and Grant, our lovely and helpful Kiwi friends who, along with their families, will remain in our good memories of New Zealand forever.

And we're outta here. Haere rā.

We love you New Zealand!!!


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