Monday, August 1, 2011

The middle of the end

Part 2 of the random shots of everyday life. For further explanation see Part 1.

Odd little cars here and there.

The white painted bike at the scene of a fatal truck/bicycle accident on Tamaki Drive.

De Fontein again. Love that Belgian beer!

My lovely little (summer) breakfast spot.

Hours and hours in the pool. In Florida, we're all pretty used to having our own pool, but my Ohio kids are not used to that idea at all. It was fun.

Cones! Everywhere! Millions of them. Dennis found the mis-use of traffic cones a particular bit of Kiwi folly.

Always people having fun in Mission Bay.

My favorite apartment building in Mission Bay.

And the inside of one of the apartments one evening...

Cliff Road, close to our house.

The road home from St Heliers.

Cecil's Sushi. Every ... Friday? I think at the kids' school.

St Heliers.

Walking to Mission Bay.

Curious sign warning of climbers falling from above. Very strange.

Summer evening at Mission Bay.

Our garages.

The mailbox.

Heading out through the really annoying gates for one of our last walks.

Our next door neighbor's goddess.

Very artistic house a few doors down and fence made of big black rocks,which I always wanted to touch.

View of our street, heading south toward work, toward school, toward Churchill Park.

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