Monday, August 1, 2011

The end of the end

Last batch of the random everyday sights photos. As I said in the second of these three posts, if you'd like further explanation, please see the first and second posts. 

St Heliers library. I still carry our cards.

Paddle Popssssss!!!!!!

Loved this little Italian takeaway spot down the street. We could walk there, pick up dinner, wine from the wine guy, and then wander back home again, hands full of good stuff.

Paddle Pop eating spot outside of our local dairy.

The sad, sad ugly view that I had to face while doing dishes and cooking meals.

Pak 'n Save -- always an adventure!

From the top of Waimarie Street, where we turned to go to all sorts of places.

Relaxing in St Heliers.

Avos, strawbs, whatever was in season.

Every day the cows lined up around 5pm to go in for dinner.

Loved these little button flowers.

Taken from our bedroom window.

Beautiful flowers, growing wild everywhere.

Napkins? Serviettes!

With little pictures of eggs and meat pies. Of course.

Steinlager signs on every corner. At least we can get this here in Ohio.

Dental surgery here in this little house! What fun! We saw many examples of this and always found the thought of it quite funny.

All the nice people doing their daily stuff in St Heliers, where we went to the butcher, library, post, fishmonger, fruit and veg market, small grocery store, barber, ATM, book store, and to a few different restaurants.

The last photo I took with my good camera. Laurel and her dear friend, Charlotte.

Our mud boots, ready for action!

This guy and his partner were always talking to each other up above our bedroom.

And, last but certainly never least -- the light that hit the cliffs out on Mototapu for just a minute each night at sunset.

With that, our next stop is the airport. We're nearly finished, friends!
xo, K.


  1. I love the picture of night from your bedroom!! Amazing views from that house!! I miss it and I wasn't even there! Glad you had such a wonderful adventure :)

  2. So maybe I found you something all most as good as paddlepops here in the states!

    Big Bob in Brandon