Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marine life, marine vehicles, no fouling

Hello, hello! Just a handful of photos today from a morning back in January when we walked around downtown Auckland a bit. Started with lunch at the Auckland Fish Market and then walked over by all the marinas that line the harbor out toward the bridge. Boat lover Trey was in sheer heaven with all of the boats, boat stores, boat storage facilities, and then more boats.

Does anyone know -- do we store them like this in the States? I've not seen anything like this before. But then I live in the middle of the country, far from the coasts where all the boat action would be.

By the way, no fouling!!! This means you!

Do you really think this eel is alive, because it does not look like it to me.

The famous New Zealand green-lipped mussels. A prize to the first person to guess why they are so named.

More soon, friends. The NZ blog is nearly finished, I'm sad to say.

xo, K.


  1. the boat storage is amazing! That is a country with a lot of space and a lot of boats!! I've seen something like that in NYC for parking cars stacked 3 or 4 high but nothing on that scale! And you grew up in FL!! No boat stacking storage down there? Just dry dock? or wet dock?

  2. Well Katrena tells me her dad stored his boat like that in FL, so I guess I just never paid much attention.