Saturday, April 23, 2011

The busker

I wonder how many of you know what busking is? Has anyone else heard this term? I read it a few times before I figured out that it meant street performers -- musicians, dancers, acrobats, magicians -- on a street corner or in a park with an open case or a hat in front of them, hoping for a bit of change. I saw a whole festival advertised in Christchurch and at some point heard that Keith Urban was going to be busking on a street corner in Sydney and then it became more clear.

Laurel began playing the French Horn in Auckland and that has already been the subject of a few posts. You wouldn't think it would be all that interesting, would you? A little girl starting a new musical instrument. But I guess because her teacher, Jill, thought of so many ways to keep things very fun, I just keep finding reasons to talk about it!

Just before Christmas, Jill told Laurel that if she could master a few holiday songs by the following week, they would do a bit of busking at a nearby shopping plaza. Laurel blinged up her horn with tinsel and learned the songs and the two of them got reluctant permission from the Chinese owner of the $2 store ($1.40US w/ the exchange rate) and off they went, jingling all the way. 

For a short while they also played here in front of the A&E (Accident & Emergency, same as our urgent care centers) and the Countdown. In all, they made $23!! Well, Laurel did. Jillian was very sweet to let her keep it all. 

Most of all though, what a unique (slightly weird!) memory for Laurel! She had such a blast! I kept looking at them in front of the Asian supermarket there and thinking, really? How did we end up here? However it happened, it was such a good thing!

Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, whatever! K.


  1. What a nice teacher! I would have kept all the money...

  2. I've heard all you trumpet players are like that...

  3. Hey, you got a comment! ;) brothers are good for some things, eh? That is adorable that Laurel did that! A little motivation to learn some songs :) $23 not bad for a little busking--first time too. did I spell that correctly? Definitely a cool experience and one to remember for the 2 truths and a lie game :)

  4. :o) Yes to all of the above! It was pretty funny and strange...