Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Tiki Tour heads back to Queenstown

Kia Ora from a lovely, breezy Wednesday morning here in Auckland where some of New Zealand finally went back to work today. They really know how to do the holiday thing here. We're so envious. Today's Tiki Tour report takes us back to the Queenstown area again, which was a pleasure. We liked it there a lot.

I should explain Tiki Tour, probably. When it comes time for a holiday, lots of Kiwis pack their cars to the gills (no Tahoes or Suburbans here!) and head out for weeks at a time and drive crazy distances all over the country, camping, beaching, boating, fishing, and visiting friends and family. This is the famous Kiwi Tiki Tour. There's an element, too, of enjoying the journey as well as the destination(s), taking the scenic route. Easy to do in this gorgeous, gorgeous place.

And so it was that we got another day and a half in Queenstown once we finished up in Doubtful Sound. Found a gorgeous spot on the side of the highway as we got close to town with fantastic colourful layered rocks and pebbles. And perfectly clear, cool water. Mmmmmm.....

If not for the sand flies we could've hung out there on the side of the road pretty much all day. But we also had a very important dog to meet! Our next accommodation was at Milestone B&B, in a lovely little cottage on Betty and John Turnbull's idyllic property outside of Queenstown. Betty and I had been emailing back and forth for a while as she helped me find some other accommodations for nights that were proving particularly difficult in my planning. At some point, she told me of their rescued Dalmation dog, Dom, who "is besotted" with her husband, John, and we were very much looking forward to meeting him as we continue to miss our two dogs dearly.

P1208 is a bee box, by the way. You see them everywhere in New Zealand. I am wondering if I could have bees in Cleveland?? A beekeeper visits to collect the honey and we also had some with breakfast. It was quite yum.

It seemed necessary to partake in at least a tiny bit of the adventurous fun that abounds in Queenstown. They have these flat and very speedy jetboats that can go 85km/hr in two inches of water, skimming riverbanks, narrowly clearing bridge supports, doing 360s -- just generally scaring the bejeebers out of this mom, but it was super fun.

Dennis's shoulder isn't actually three times the size of his head.

Stopped into the original bungy jumping center, AJ Hackett at the Karawau River. It was soooo cool! The kids actually considered doing it and I think we would've let them. It looked like a lot of fun and before I saw it I would've just shaken my head at such a silly idea, but now I don't think it's so crazy. I bet the kids will do it the next time we're here.

Another thing to love: it's cherry season!!! We ate approx 10kg of cherries in two weeks. :o)

And now we're heading off to French Horn lessons and to find some lunch. Next up is Clyde in the Central Otago region and the Otago Central Rail Trail, www.otagocentralrailtrail.co.nz

Hope you're all having lovely day and we'll chat soon. xo, K.


  1. Just more WOW! NZ needs you Karin on its tourism board!
    I just love how you view NZ through a personal lens.
    Being a fly on your shoulder is not enough for me!
    I'm envious and wanna be there with you to share in your enthusiasm!

    Elizabeth-Esther Collins

  2. I like the pic of Trey and Dom, but the dog doesn't have even a collar let alone tags. Another quirk of ours or theirs? Generally no leashes, too? The property looked beautiful!