Monday, January 17, 2011

The foods

In my last post I talked about leaving New Zealand and how sad I am to go, and also that we've been making lists of things that we'll miss here. We noticed in these lists that we've really grown attached to a lot of the foods and drinks that we won't be able to get at home. I've also noticed that it's kind of strange that I eat nearly the exact same things for breakfast every morning of my life, but wouldn't do that for lunch or dinner. Why would breakfast be different? 

I should explain that Vogel's bread is a Kiwi icon. Here's a funny blog post about it and it's quite accurate:  I've been eating it every day for six months and still can't quite tell you what it is. Toasting it on the highest setting and then again on the half highest setting will only get you to light brown. Last week a new loaf was left out overnight somehow -- a Vogel's tragedy. Completely moldy by the next morning. (We'll get to the whitebait again in a later post (Christmas dinner in Nelson), but I explained that peculiar delicacy (tiny fish eaten whole) in the Whakatane post if you're dying to know.) 

Apple juice is not clear like in the States, and also has a slight celery taste to it. And the last shot of the cookies -- I could do a whole post just on how yummy those cookies are!! They're just everyday chocolate chip biscuits from the local grocery, but I will crave them every day for the rest of my life, I swear. 

The kids adore ginger beer (and they were hard core root beer addicts in the States) and Dennis and I will definitely miss the Lisa's Chunky Dips with water crackers and a glass of wine now and then. And wines...oh wow, New Zealand has such wonderful wines. Especially good are the Pinot Noirs and Sauvignon Blancs. Also Pinot Gris (we call it Pinot Grigio), plus all of the other varieties I'm sure you can think of. I don't know a lot about wines except which ones I enjoy and which ones I don't, and I have really enjoyed so many of these. If you see any NZ wines in your local market, pick one up and give it a taste. I bet you'll love it. Ooooh, don't forget the Steinlager Pure beer. It's all over North America just as of recently. I don't think the Moa is available outside of NZ unfortunately.

We will miss eating out, too, of course(!!), as we've had all sorts of fun and creative new things. The buy local/in season movement is in full swing in New Zealand, whether because of the size of the country or just thoughtfulness and consideration. The cheeses and produce and seafood are especially sublime. Fresh, fresh, fresh, yum, yum, yum...

If for no other reason, I will have to return solely for the foods that I've grown to love. That's enough reason anyway. See you again soon, rhubarb custard yoghurt and cherry berry jam!!

xo, K.

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