Monday, January 3, 2011

The Fish (Doubtful Sound, the sequel)

Still in Doubtful Sound today, this time a special post just focusing on the fish. I mentioned in the first post that the sounds are very deep. Doubtful is 1500 feet deep with 9 feet of fresh water on top of 1491 feet of salt water, filled from bottom to top with unusual and abundant marine species.

Many of you know that Trey is all about fishing, and was quite keen to spend 24 hours on a fishing boat. He knows all the NZ fish by sight, what kind of equipment to use in different situations, all the various bait choices, and would happily spend every day, all day fishing. I know a few of you that read the blog are fishermen/women too and so I figured you would enjoy seeing all of the different fish we caught that day. Trey will sit here with me and tell me what they are as I have no clue. I live in my own little world where fish are just created and packaged at the fishmonger's and I buy them for dinner.

Here's Trey with one of our new Austrian friends, Sebastian, who helped him pull in this little deep sea perch. Sadly, with all of his obsessive enthusiasm, this was nearly all that Trey caught, while his sister brought in a nice dogfish (shark) and a blue cod and the other girl, Sarah, had a red cod.

Even the girls got into it as the activity was pretty much non-stop. A few of these made it into our dinner that night, one as sushi.

And poor Trey just kept pulling in the perch. Though he tells me the second one is a wrasse.

Our new friends' enthusiasm for fishing made it even more fun for us! Rob's grouper (strangely called groper here) was very nice for dinner.

This last one is a tarakihi, which was the sushi fish. Yum!

Laurel's wrasse had just splashed her in the face. If you're gonna be a fisherwoman, you have to enjoy that now and then I suppose. The last pic is the blue cod again.

Cool stuff, dudes.
More soon...xo, K.

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