Thursday, January 20, 2011

The I Love New Zealand blog is paused as we must now leave New Zealand

Just when I can pull out of the driveway and into the left lane without even thinking, haven't gotten in the wrong lane at a 6-way intersection and mistakenly ended up on the motorway in at least 2 months, and automatically flip the light switch up for off and down for on, it's time to go. Isn't that always the way!

Time has come crashing down on us and we've only got one full day and two nights left here in Auckland, the most gorgeous city everrrrr! My little weepy love letter to New Zealand the other day was quite cathartic, though, and I'm feeling a bit more OK with leaving. Well, maybe not OK, but getting closer to OK.

On Saturday afternoon, our steadfast and loyal Kiwi friends, Grant and Tony, will pick us up and take us to the airport just as they picked us up there six months ago, totally unaware of what we were about to experience. From there (after I try very, very hard not to cry and embarrass everyone) we will head across the ditch to Sydney again and spend a couple of days there waiting for our flight to LA, where we'll eventually have another 5 days with family and friends before going home to Cleveland late Friday night, the 28th. I'm certain that a blizzard will await us as we land in our bare legs and lightweight hoodies.

I'm not sure if I'll have good web access throughout these travels or even clear vision to see what I'm typing, as I might just be totally shattered from the various time changes (2 hours between here and Sydney, and then 21 hours between here and California, and then another 3 once we're home), but if I can post I will, and if not, I'll let you know when I'm back at it. It'll be soon after we get home.

Until then, I'll just leave y'all with some pretty pictures from around the 'hood. There's still heaps more to post from here and it will certainly continue for a while after I'm back in the States. The best of the South Island is still to come, so don't give up on me yet. And if you wouldn't mind, while I'm posting about New Zealand, let's just pretend that I'm still here. Don't talk to me if you see me at Heinen's or whatever. Let's try to maintain this illusion for as long as possible... :o)

This was our last time chilling in the park in Three Kings waiting for Laurel's French Horn lesson yesterday, and then our last dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Mission Bay last night. Everything is now a last instead of a first. But I'm not going to cry!!

See some of you soon and some of you a bit later. We're looking forward to spending some time with all of our friends and family again!! And no, we do not have accents (I don't think!). Hugs and kisses to all, K.


  1. Safe travels Karin, Dennis, Trey & Laurel! I've so enjoyed this blog, glad it's going to keep going for awhile at least. :) Hope the Cleveland weather is kind upon your arrival.

  2. I laughed out loud about not talking to you in Heinen's. I totally get that although I won't be able to do that! Do you want me to order snow pants now for the kids?