Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Te Pahu -- the toothbrush fence, what else??

Do any of you watch Flight of the Conchords? First of all, if you don't, you might want to try to catch a few episodes. It's hilarious. It's about two guys from New Zealand trying to make it as musicians in New York. There are heaps of funny little Kiwi references, but even if those go right past you, the show is still excellent.

We were watching the Brett Gives Up the Dream episode a couple of months ago when Murray, their manager (and the deputy cultural attaché for the NZ Consulate), mentioned ... the toothbrush fence. What???? I looked it up immediately. No toothbrush fence was going unphotographed by this girl, I can tell you that. Toothbrush fences, giant mice, buildings shaped like eggs. Love that stuff. It just so happened that it was just a tiny little 40 km detour in the tiny town of Te Pahu on our trip down to Waitomo to see the glow worms anyway. Couldn't pass that up!

Actually it was a bit outside of Te Pahu. I was really afraid that I'd made everyone drive so far and that it wouldn't be there anymore, but it was. And it was spectacular. There was also a goat chained to a hill across the street. We even brought our own expired toothbrush to add.

Apparently the bra fence in Cordrona has been removed due to neighbors' complaints, or you'd be seeing that in a few weeks too.

Cheers! xo, K.


  1. What? no underpants fence? That's the first thing that came to Jack's mind....yes, scary, I know....
    btw, school has been closed for 2 DAYS!!! C-a-r-a-z-y!!!!!!!

  2. I know you did the toothbrush fence a bit back but how did it get started? What is the significance aside from the colorful display?

  3. i'm not sure if there is any significance! i'll have to look it up :o) and it's not as if many people would see it. it's truly way out in the middle of nowhere. even a guy that i talked to in one of the nearby towns hadn't heard of it.