Sunday, December 12, 2010

A big dinner on a plain old Thursday

Gobble gobble, everyone! I knew that one day I'd finally make it to the little Thanksgiving post! I knew I could, I knew I could. And what is there to say, really? It was a bit disorienting to celebrate a holiday that we really enjoy at home in a place where no one gives it one second of thought and some aren't even clear on what it is. But why should they be?

At home, we love Thanksgiving for the long weekend together, the food, and the football, including the Turkey Bowl played by Trey and his buddies every Thanksgiving morning (usually in the snow). Of course also the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The people train don't run outta Wichita -- lessun you're a hog or a cattle...

So while all of New Zealand carried on with their regularly scheduled days, we went to school and work, ran our errands, played tennis and basketball, and then sat down together for a roast chicken, some vegetables, and a few desserts. We even had turkey napkins courtesy of the lovely Samantha. Also initiated our own little family football tradition which involved the Glendowie Glow-worms vs. the Pakuranga Pachyderms. Laurel performed the halftime show for us. It was all that we needed and we were thankful to have it all.

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  1. What a happy family :) That's great ! Happy belated Thanksgiving!