Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are we really doing this?

T minus two days to liftoff! At this point, after having months to think about all of this, we are almost ready to go. We even have a few suitcases packed and ready. It seems as if I've obsessed and lost sleep over this for long enough that we must have thought of everything, but I know I'll think of something crucial as we're 18 hours into the trip! :o)

For now, the dogs are safe and sound, all the library books have been returned, a nice group of friends has keys and codes to get in, Rachel knows how to replace all the security system batteries, the lawn is taken care of, bills are all online, Paul's gonna drive my Mustang every month or so, laundry's almost done, the house is relatively clean, and the kitchen has been purged. Thought I'd show you guys what six months and two seasons worth of packing looks like. Kinda cracks me up... I know I'm not going to believe this until we're there. Crazy!

PS -- if you look at the big version of the suitcase image, you can see the my entire carry-on bag is camera equipment. It's packed in Laurel's lunchbox and book bag! :O)

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